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Foreign Languages and Literatures
Asian Studies Research Guide
by Jian (Anna) Xiong - Last Updated Aug 5, 2014
A guide to research in Asian Studies.
Chinese Learning Resources at Morris Library
by Jian (Anna) Xiong - Last Updated Jul 14, 2016
China, Chinese, Taiwan, Hongkong, East Asia, Asia, Foreign Language. dictionary, movie, website, grammar, test, study
Classics Research Guide
by Ask A Librarian - Last Updated Jun 20, 2017
FL 105: International Studies Introductory Seminar (Spring 2014)
by Jian (Anna) Xiong - Last Updated Feb 15, 2017
This guide is created by Anna Xiong to support the teaching and studying of FL 105 Introduction to International Studies taught by Professor Mary Bricker.
Greek Studies Resource Guide
by Jian (Anna) Xiong - Last Updated Jan 16, 2015
this guide is designed to support teaching and learning Greek language, literature, history, religion, philosophy and culture at SIU.
Languages, Cultures, and International Trade Research Guide
by Jian (Anna) Xiong - Last Updated Aug 27, 2014
A guide to research in Languages, Cultures, and International Trade.

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