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Deaf Culture: Readings and Resources

Resources and readings on Deaf identity, culture, and history.

On campus

a student uses American Sign Language to tell a joke to their friends, who laugh in response

The Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) ensures equal, effective, and meaningful access to all campus programs, resources, and services for students with a diversity of abilities. For Deaf students, DSS provides numerous services, including interpreters and speech-to-text technology, note-taking, and captioning of audio and video. Learn more about DSS and what they offer at

SIU also offers courses and an undergraduate minor in American Sign Language to all students. Explore the available options at

Suggested Readings on Deaf History and Culture from Gallaudet University Museum

Online Resources

Further Nonfiction Recommendations


This page borrows heavily from two bibliographies created by the staff of Gallaudet University.