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ANS 381: Animal Science Seminar: Citing Resources

Resources for Animal Science students taking the seminar.

Overview of the Citation Process

Watch this video for a brief overview of citing resources, plagiarism, and why we are using Animal Reproduction Style.  Created by Joshua Vossler.

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How to Cite Articles in Reproduction Journal Style

Basic Template for an Article

  • List the authors' names in the order they are placed in the article.
  • Use all of the authors' initials. Do not put spaces between the initials or use periods.
  • Bold all authors' names.
  • Capitalize only the first word in the title and proper nouns. Put a period at the end of the title.
  • Use the full journal title and italicize it.
  • Bold the volume number.
  • Put a period after the page numbers.
  • If there are no page numbers, use the article number followed by a period. 


1. One Author


2. Two Authors

  • Connect the two names with an ampersand (&)

Two authors Reproduction Format


3. Three to Ten Authors

  • List all authors, connecting the final one with an ampersand (&)

Three to Ten authors Reproduction format

4. More than Ten Authors

  • Where there are more than ten authors, list the first ten and then use et al.


5. Using Article Numbers instead of Page Numbers

Use the article number followed by a period. 

Document with article number instead of page numbers

Based on Author Guidelines, Reproduction,


Citing References in the Text

Cite references in the text using the authors' names and publication year.

One Author:

(Last name Year)

(Gastal 2009)


Two Authors

  • If there are two authors, connect both last names using an ampersand (&):

(Last name & Last name Year)

(Donnez & Dolmans 2015)


Three or More Authors

  • Note that et al. is italicized and there is a period after "al." It is an abbreviation of et alia, Latin for "and all the rest.".

(First author's last name et al. date)

(Ginther et al. 2009)


More Than One Article with Information for the Same Fact

  • Where there are several articles that give evidence for the same fact,list them in chronological order.


(Provoost et al. 2014, Donnez & Dolmans 2015, Vander Ven et al. 2016)

Used in this sentence:

Recently, OTC has been classified as an innovative treatment according to the criteria of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the special interests groups ‘Ethics and Law’ and ‘Safety and Quality in Assisted Reproductive Technology’ and no longer been considered as an experimental technique (Provoost et al. 2014, Donnez & Dolmans 2015, Van der Ven et al. 2016).


All examples are from the following article:

Gastal GDA, Alves BG, Alves KA, Souza MEM, Vieira AD, Varela AS, Figueiredo JR , Feugang JM, Lucia T Jr., & Gastal EL 2017 Ovarian fragment sizes affect viability and morphology of preantral follicles during storage at 4°C. Reproduction 153 577-587. (doi: 10.1530/REP-16-0621)