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CMST 101: Introduction to Oral Communication: Resources

Introduction to Oral Communication

Lesson Plan

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Videos for CMST 101

Useful databases

Statistical Resources

Oral Citations

Oral citation rule of thumb: author, title, date + further information to add credibility

1st time cited: Use Author, Title, Date
Subsequent citations: Author/Date, Author/Title only is OK


Author, title, date if important for credibility
“Evidence of natural disasters and climate change are illustrated in Walter Leal Filho's 2013 book Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management, where he asserts…”


Author, article title, date, credentials if available
“In his 2013 article "Is Inclusive Education a Human Right?", political philosopher John-Stewart Gordon argues…”

Web site

Web site title, credentials, date last updated (sometimes unavailable)
“One of the most prevalent developers of neurotechnology, SentiBotics, claims on their website on March 24, 2014 that…”


Name, date, credentials, interview source
“In a personal interview conducted on September 12, 2014 with Joshua Vossler, Head of Reference & Instruction at Southern Illinois University's Morris Library, he spoke of…”

Online Magazine

Publication title, name of reporter, date
“In her September 16, 2014 article in Slate, an online magazine of culture and politics, Brittney Cooper claims…”

Print Magazine

Publication title, name of reporter, date
“According to a feature article written by Christina Larson about controversial Chinese artist Ai Weiwei in the October 2014 issue of Smithsonian Magazine …”


Name of reporter, name of publication, date, version (i.e. print or electronic version)
"In an article published in the September 23, 2014 web edition of the New York Times, Gregor Aisch reported on…’”


Title, name of blogger, website, and date posted
“Media scholar Henry Jenkins, in his September 22, 2014 blog entry titled, ‘The Value of Media Literacy Education in the 21st Century,’ claimed…”