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Morris Library

SOCW 555 - Fall 2022: Resources

U.S. Federal Legislation

1. Public Law - 1st printing of the law in a slip or pamphlet format

Pub. L. XXX-XXX - First group of number is the session of Congress.  The second group is the chronological order in which the law was passed.

2. Statutes at Large - 2nd printing of the law.  Printed as a bound version in chronological order..

XXX Stat. XXXX - First group of numbers is the volume number and the second is the page number.

3. U.S. Code - 3rd printing of the law.  Printed by topic and incorporates any amendments.

XX USC § XXX (Year) - First group of numbers is the US. Code title and the second is the section number.

Congressional Record

The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debate of the United States Congress.  It is published daily.

U.S. Federal Government Resources

Illinois & Missouri Government Resources

Court Case Information

Data and Statistics