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3D Printing at Morris Library: Home

A guide to 3D Printing at Morris Library.

Important Information

Who can use the 3D printers?


Required File Format: 

      .STL or .OBJ


Maximum Object Size:

     295 x 195 x 165 mm

     11.6 x 7.6 x 6.5 in


PLA filament colors

Currently available:










Cost per object:

      $0.25 per gram

      $1.00 minimum

Important Note

The Morris Library 3D Printing program is on a temporary hiatus.  We hope to have it back up and running later Summer 2024.

Thank you


3D Printing can turn your ideas into actual objects.

Through a generous loan by the non-profit organization New Blankets, Morris Library now have 3D Printers. The printers allow the user to create physical objects from digital models. All members of the university community and the public are encouraged to make use of this exciting technology.

3D printing is sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping. It is the process of creating a three dimensional physical object from a digital model. The 3D printer builds the object vertically by putting down layer upon layer of a plastic filament called PLA.

We would like to thank the Friends of Morris Library who recently purchased 2 brand new 3D printers for the library.  We appreciate all of the support by the Friends and New Blankets!

replicator plusBukito PrinterMakerbot Replicator 2

3D Printing Steps

  1. Design a 3D model or find one on a site like Thingiverse.
  2. Read the Morris Library Printing Policy.  If your print is time sensitive, please allow adequate time.  Most prints will be finished in a few days, but there may be times that the printer is malfunctioning, being repaired, experiencing heavy use, or is being used for an event or a course.
  3. Make sure your file is in .STL or .OBJ format.
  4. Fill out and submit a 3D Printing Request Form.  If you have any special instructions, please include them in the Additional Comments box on the form.  After you have submitted the form, the next screen will include the location to submit your .STL or .OBJ file.  To upload your .STL or .OBJ file, click Browse under the Attach files option. Find and select your file. Only .STL or .OBJ files will be accepted. Once you have added your .STL or .OBJ  file, click the Upload file button. If you want to print more than one object, make sure to submit a file and form for each one.
  5. Optional - If you wish, set up a consultation or appointment with a member of the library staff  to print your model yourself or watch it print.  If you choose this option, someone will contact you about scheduling a time.
  6. Library staff will email you with a confirmation of your submission and any follow-up questions.
  7. Once your model has been printed, you will receive another email letting you know the cost of the object and how long you have to pick it up.
  8. Pick up your model at the Morris Library Circulation Desk on the first floor.  You will also pay for your object at the Circulation Desk.
  9. Enjoy your object and start designing something new!


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