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Morris Library

3D Printing at Morris Library: Request a Print

A guide to 3D Printing at Morris Library.

Important Note

The Morris Library 3D Printing program is on a temporary hiatus.  We hope to have it back up and running later Summer 2024.

Thank you

Requesting a 3D Print

Submit print request:

  • Please read the 3D Printing at Morris Library - Printing Policy.
  • Fill out the 3D Printing Request Form. If you have any special instructions, please include them in the Additional Comments box on the form. Next to the Upload File option, choose Yes. Once you have submitted the form, the next screen will allow you to upload the .STL file.
  • To upload your .STL file, click Browse under the Attach files option. Find and select your file. Only .STL files will be accepted. Once you have added your .STL file, click the Upload file button.
  • For each object you want printed, please submit a separate form and .STL file.
  • Library staff will send you a confirmation email when they receive your form and file. If there is any additional information needed, it will be included in the email.
  • If your print is time sensitive, please allow adequate time. Most prints will be finished in a few days, but there may be times that the printer is malfunctioning, being repaired, experiencing heavy use, or is being used for an event or a course.

Meet with library staff member (optional):

  • If you wish to print the model yourself or watch the printing of your model, please check the appropriate box on the 3D Printing Submission Form.  A library staff member will contact you to set up a training session and/or printing time. There will be limited times to do this and an appointment is required.
  • If you do not want to be present when your object is build, select No next to the Print Your Own Model? option and a library staff member will print the object for you.

Pick up your model:

  • You will be notified by email when your model is ready for pick up and what the cost of the printing is.
  • Models will be held at the Morris Library Circulation Desk on the first floor for two weeks.
  • Pay for your model at the Circulation Desk by cash, check, or credit card.