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Journal Publishing Services: Overview


Journal publishing is available via the institutional repository, OpenSIUC.  New journal proposals are reviewed according to the Journal Publishing Standards in order to ensure compatibility with quality standards and mission compatibility.  Once approved, journal production can begin almost immediately.  We will help with design and layout and provide training on use of the system.  And we are always available for questions before, during, and after launch!  Email us for more at

The following steps will guide a proposal toward approval and smooth the way for the launch of the journal.    

  1. Read the Journal Publishing Standards.  Proposals most closely meeting these standards are more likley to receive approval.
  2. Read the Memorandum of Understanding.  This document specifies your responsibilities and ours.  You will be required to sign the MOU or one incorporating mutually agreed upon changes.
  3. Complete a proposal and send to     


The system is designed to accommodate:

  • Design and layout
  • Editor and Editorial Board information
  • Call for Papers
  • Submission guidelines
  • Submissions
  • Adding and assigning editors
  • Adding and assigning reviewers
  • Submitting and receiving reviews
  • Approval and rejection using letter templates
  • Assigning document types or categories
  • Volume/issue creation
  • Citation formatting
  • Inclusion of supplementary content, including data, images, audio and video
  • Same day publishing
  • Permanent archiving

It's fast, flexible, and free!

General Information


Faculty or students of SIUC must have functional responsibility for the journal; each journal establishes rules for author eligibility. 

Open Access

All journals published via OpenSIUC are open access.  No subscriptions are necessary (or allowed) for access to the journals via OpenSIUC.

Types of Journals

OpenSIUC is intended for journals that are scholarly, not popular, in nature.  Email with questions.