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This guide contains information about the SIU Open Access Policy for Faculty Scholarship and instructions on how to comply.

SIU Open Access Policy for Faculty Scholarship

In accordance with Illinois Public Act 098-0295 (the Open Access to Research Articles Act), the SIU Board of Trustees adopted the Open Access Policy for Faculty Scholarship in December 2014.  The Policy provides SIUC a non-exclusive right to distribute the accepted, peer-reviewed journal manuscripts of SIUC faculty via OpenSIUC, the institutional repository of SIUC.

The Policy

The faculty[1] of Southern Illinois University (SIU) is committed to sharing the intellectual benefits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible, while diminishing barriers to its access.  As a public university, SIU is dedicated to serving the citizens of the state of Illinois and supporting the public good.  In recognition of that commitment and responsibility, the faculty are expected to comply with the following:

·         Prior to any contractual arrangement with a publisher, each faculty member grants permission to SIU to make accepted, peer-reviewed journal manuscripts, of which he or she is the author or co-author, publicly available in the appropriate SIU institutional repository.  In legal terms, the permission granted by each faculty member is a nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license to exercise any and all rights under copyright relating to each of his or her scholarly articles, in any medium, and to authorize others to do the same, provided that the articles are not sold for a profit. In granting such permission, the SIU faculty author remains the copyright owner.

·         The policy applies to all scholarly peer-reviewed articles authored or co-authored while the person is a member of the faculty, except for articles published before the adoption of this policy and any articles for which the faculty member enters into an incompatible licensing or assignment agreement. 

         Upon submission of a designated form by the faculty member, SIU will waive the license for a particular article or delay access to the article for a specified period of time. It is the responsibility of faculty who have not claimed a waiver to provide an electronic version of the author’s post-peer-reviewed final article to the appropriate university institutional repository within 30 days of publication.  The author is encouraged to provide a link to additional data and other materials related to the research but not included in the published article. SIU will not charge fees for depositing an article in the institutional repository.

[1] Although Public Act 098-0295 identifies only faculty, all university staff and students are encouraged to contribute research articles to the institutional repository.

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