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SIU Open Access Policy: Background and Legislation

This guide contains information about the SIU Open Access Policy for Faculty Scholarship and instructions on how to comply.


In accordance with Public Act 098-0295 otherwise known as the Open Access to Research Articles Act (see fulltext below), the Illinois General Assembly indicated that “to maximize the social and economic benefits of research to the public, the published research articles produced by faculty at public universities should be made as widely available as possible….” 

In compliance with the Act, an SIU Task Force on Open Access to Research Articles was established to prepare an “Open Access Policy for Faculty Scholarship.”  The Task Force approached its charge by seeking to blend: (1) the overarching public good of free access to research articles generated by faculty at state universities; (2) with the academic freedom of faculty authors and their rights to publish where they wish; (3) and the rights of publishers of scholarly journals to receive fair remuneration for their enhancements to and publication and distribution of research articles. 

The Open Access Policy for Faculty Scholarship:  Research Articles was approved by the SIU Board of Trustees in December 2014.

The original members of the Task Force:

Randolph Elble, Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Chris Lant, Professor, Geography

David Lightfoot, Professor, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems

Barbara Martin, Interim Director, SIU Press

Regina McBride, Dean, Lovejoy Library

Anne Cooper Moore, Dean, Library Affairs

Pete Mykytyn, Professor, Management

Jonathan Nabe, Professor, Library Affairs

Paul Sarvela (ex officio), Vice President for Academic Affairs

   Replaced by John Haller,  Special Assistant to the President

Jennifer Vandever, Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology Services

Ron Worthington, Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy


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