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EndNote Desktop: Transfer References to EndNote Desktop

A guide to EndNote Desktop X9

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Transfer References from Zotero to EndNote Desktop

This short videos demonstrates how to transfer your Zotero citation library into EndNote Desktop. It shows Desktop V6 but the process is the same for V7.

Disable Zotero

After you've exported your citations from Zotero, you must disable it in order to export references from databases into EndNote Desktop and to use the Cite While You Write feature. To disable Zotero:

Step 1: Select Add-Ons from the Tools menu* in Firefox.

Step 2: Select the Extensions tab.

Step 3: Select Disable for Zotero and for Zotero Word for Windows Integration.

Step 4: Restart Firefox to save the changes.

* If you don't see the Firefox menus, click here for instructions on how to restore them.

Transfer References from Mendeley to EndNote Desktop

To import your Mendeley library to EndNote Desktop:

Step 1: In Mendeley, select the references to be exported (to export all references select All Documents then highlight all references)

Step 2: In Mendeley, click on File and select Export.

Step 3: Name the file and select a location; then in the "Save as type" drop-down menu choose EndNote XML, RIS, or BibTeX and click Save.

Step 4: In EndNote, click File and then Import. Click the Choose File button and select the file you just exported from Mendeley.

Step 5: Set Import Option to match your exported Mendeley file, and click Import.

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